Topline details

When: 24th March 2024

Where: Start and finish in Ditchling, East Sussex, 5 miles north of Brighton

How long: 60 miles (1166m climbing)

How much: £30 (or £33 from 1 Feb 2024)

Type of course: Fully-signed rolling route with short, punchy hills, long drags, and some long, fast stretches on quiet roads.

Why this in March? You’ve done some winter miles (haven’t you?), now you want to see what your Spring legs are like along with a few hundred other riders…

Standards (please note, these are not medals, they are times to aim for):

Gold Silver Bronze
Men Inside 4 hours Inside 4h.30 Inside 5 hours
Women Inside 4h.30 Inside 5h.05 Inside 5h.40

(You don’t have to hit a bronze time to take part – these are only targets to aim for. If you don’t achieve the time you want, come back and get it the following year. :-)

Number of riders: 500

Feedstation – sponsored by Infinity Foods, Brighton: Supplying energy drinks, water, sumptuous food. Pasta, tea and coffee back at the HQ afterwards (included in entry fee).

Timing system: SPORTident electronic timing

Trouble on the day? : SAG wagon if you break down; First aid/paramedics in attendance