Event logistics

The map shows you where the HQ is (BN6 8TY). Puncheur HQ signs will help guide you in when you are near on the day.

We will send you detailed notes on what to expect a week or so before the event, but here is a flavour…

There is free parking for about 40 cars in Ditchling Rec car park. There is also free parking in another car park, about 150 yards west, behind Ditchling Village Hall. Parking Marshals will only be operating at Ditchling Rec car park. There is also a good amount of street parking.

Registration will open at 7.30 and close by 9.00am. Once parked, come inside the Pavilion and sign on. You will be given a timing chip which we will activate before you start. The chip then needs to be inserted in the timing consoles at the start, to set the clock running, at the feedstation, and at the finish on top of the Beacon.

The Start

Riders will be set off as and when they are ready. You can ride alone or in groups – whatever suits you. First riders out will be at 7.45.

The Route

Click here to see the route map and profile, and route description.

Feedstation – sponsored by Infinity Foods, Brighton

The Feedstation is located at 33 miles. It will have water, energy drink, and sumptuous food from Infinity Foods. Feel free to stay at the Feedstation as long as you want, but please keep clear of riders coming in and who want to grab and go! Don’t forget to register your chips in the timing console. Marshalls will be on hand to make sure this happens.

The Finish

The finish is at the top of Ditchling Beacon. On reaching the summit, look out for the marshalls holding the timing consuls. They will help you register your timing chip and shepherd you out of the way of the riders coming in behind you. Rest for as long as you want at the top of the Beacon, then make your way back down carefully and head back to the HQ in Ditchling village.

Back at HQ

Stow your bike then come and get a free cup of tea or coffee and catch-up with the other riders.